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CMS Issues HHVBP Pre-Implementation Performance Report (PIPR)

    To gear up for the implementation of the expanded home health value-based purchasing (HHVBP) model in 2023, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has already issued the November 2022 Pre-Implementation Performance Report (PIPR) to all active home health agencies, which is now available to download iQIES Portal.

    With the PIPRs, home health agencies are able to see their overall HHVBP quality measure performance in comparison to other agencies nationally within peer cohorts in the new baseline year of CY 2022. It is of utmost importance that agencies access this information as it is vital in anticipation of the release of the first Interim Performance Reports (IPRs) in July 2023. Hence, the HHVBP Technical Assistance team provided resources that provide instructions on how to access the PIPRs here, as well as information on the purpose, content, and use of the PIPRs here.

    Harnessing HHVBP to Your Advantage

    HHVBP is a double-edged sword, as it is a challenge and an opportunity for agencies simultaneously. However, with the right strategy, HHVBP can drive business growth and promote excellent healthcare services since it provides incentives for home health agencies that deliver quality patient care. The opportunity to explore growth opportunities is ripe for the taking.

    Leveraging QA

    Considering all the changes that are underway with the industry’s transition to value-based care, home health agencies can use all the help they can get to be at the winning end.

    For one, your QA program can help optimize your data on OASIS-based measures used in the HHVP performance scoring. Your QA provider should be able to capture problem areas and support aspects like the re-education of clinicians for ongoing quality improvements in the documentation. These efforts will not only improve and maintain your documentation accuracy, but significantly contribute to earning incentives in the HHVBP game.