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How to Motivate Your Field Clinicians and Boost Team Morale



    Published on: Oct 17, 2016 | 08:34

    Keeping your employees on task is critical, but keeping them motivated can be more challenging. Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally willing to go the extra mile in their everyday efforts. Field workers tend to lose morale easily as they don’t feel part of a team or a greater purpose.

    Individual and team morale are essential elements of productivity. You can boost your team morale by:

    Set clear goals–get everyone on the same page
    Start by finding a common ground for everyone.This could be a challenge for a home health provider given that clinicians mostly work by themselves on the field.

    Break goals into smaller objectives and communicate how they contribute to your long term goals. While setting goals for both your stay-in office team and field workers, encourage collaborative learning and build camaraderie across teams while aiming towards a common goal.


    Promote positive communication
    Don’t just tell employees what to do, make them feel they’re in charge. Good communication creates strong employee-admin bond– it keeps them in the loop, making them feel that their work matters. It’s also a creative way of gaining insights about your business policies and tactics.


    Empower the workforce
    Invest in continuous staff development. This will contribute to your workers personal development goals and make them more professionally competitive. Don’t forget to relay how trainings are vital for growth and how it contributes to business goals.


    Give out incentives
    The way you reward people impacts how they do business every day. Take the time to acknowledge accomplishments and milestones– employees like being proud of their work, giving them opportunity for personal growth.

    Boost employee engagement through recognition and reward systems — even a timely dine-out can excite your team make them feel more enthusiastic to work.


    Make them feel you care
    Since you cannot see your field clinicians all the time and given that you have other critical things to attend to, keeping a constant watch on them is very essential. Check out how your field staff are doing from time-to-time. A simple question of “how are things are going?” can actually make your staff feel valued.


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