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New PIPR is Out: What’s In It for You?

    The latest version of the Performance and Improvement Progress Report (PIPR) was released in April 2023, accessible through the iQIES system, your usual source for CASPER reports.

    PIPRs show your current percentile ranking for each outcome measure when compared to agencies nationwide that belong to your cohort in the ongoing calculations for the 2023 Value-Based Purchasing expansion. The last 3 PIPRs are based on your data from the previous year through parts of 2022. 

    Starting July 2023, PIPR featuring 2023 data will be released, featuring up-to-date achievement thresholds and benchmarks from the baseline year 2022. These reports will be used to calculate the outcomes for 2023.

    To understand your organization’s standing relative to other agencies in specific outcome measures for the current year, it is crucial to review the PIPR reports as the expansion progresses. Suppose your measures rank at the 51st percentile or higher. In that case, you will likely earn the payment incentives once all 2023 data has been gathered and reimbursement impact calculation is done. 

    Check CMS Website for HHVBP Related Updates

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has a dedicated section for Value-Based Purchasing on its website. In a recently released April newsletter, CMS covers the updated resources on risk adjustment factors and modifications in the Home Health Quality Reporting program.  

    Moreover, one of the updated documents focuses on risk adjustment, specifically discussing the risk adjustment factors that affect the calculation of Total Normalized Composite Change in Mobility and Self-Care Measure (TNC).  

    CMS addresses the risk adjustment factor of excluding patients from calculations for Dyspnea, Oral Meds, the TNC measures, and Discharge to Community. Patients are excluded from these measure outcome calculations if they have been discharged to a non-institutional hospice. This positive development underscores the importance of understanding its implications on your outcome measures.

    Utilize the following resources if you are interested in receiving additional information, updates or have questions about the Expanded Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Model: