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Out Now: OASIS-E Final Instrument and Guidance Manual

    On December 6, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final version of the OASIS-E instrument on their Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HH QRP) website under OASIS Data Sets (see the downloads section at the bottom of the page). To recall, CMS has posted draft versions of the OASIS-E Instrument and Guidance Manual throughout 2022.

    Following the release of the final instrument, CMS also posted the Final OASIS-E Guidance Manual on December 14, 2022. A log of changes since the last posted draft manual in May 2022 can be downloaded on the same website under the OASIS User Manuals page. Watch out for our next article discussing these changes.

    The Projected Impact of OASIS-E

    Starting January 1, 2023, home health agencies will begin collecting OASIS data using the newest version of the instrument, OASIS-E. It has been dubbed the OASIS mega-release as it includes the most intensive changes in home health OASIS data collection in more than two decades.

    The new OASIS-E comes with restructured sections and new assessment items, such as the  Social determinants of health (SDoH), Transfer of Health (TOH) information item, questions for high-risk medication teaching, and new behavioral assessments, among others.

    Getting Support Amidst Changes

    With only a few weeks left before the implementation of OASIS-E, home health agencies should already be finalizing their preparations and clinician training. On the other hand, it will likely take time for clinicians to get everything right on the new changes in the documentation. In this adjustment period, it is vital to get all the help you can get. Your QA program should be able to provide support in maintaining documentation accuracy and optimizing reimbursements.

    Make sure your QA team or provider has sufficient knowledge to review OASIS-E for quality and compliance so they are equipped to support your clinicians in the transition.

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