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Out Now: October 2023 OASIS Q&As

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a new set of quarterly OASIS Q&As. It features inquiries received by their help desk from the third quarter of the current year. This new set of Q&As offers guidance in completing the Transfer OASIS and responding to item M1033 in complex scenarios.

    Ensuring OASIS Accuracy

    Take advantage of the quarterly OASIS Q&As to enhance your clinicians’ skills in assessing unique patient situations and responding appropriately to OASIS assessment items. Completing the OASIS poses challenges as it requires a critical analysis and understanding of each patient’s unique situation.

    Utilize your QA program to review OASIS responses for continuous improvement. While ongoing clinician education is essential, it’s unavoidable that there may be overlooked elements, unconsidered factors, or inconsistencies with other medical records.

    QA offers an additional layer of safeguarding through experts who are equally proficient in OASIS documentation guidelines, supporting clinicians in ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation.

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