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Positioning your Workforce for Growth: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Team for Outsourcing

    Businesses typically choose to outsource certain processes to focus on core objectives; the move offers immediate financial and operational benefits, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make your staff uneasy…

    Once you have finally decided to outsource, how do you get buy-in from your staff?

    In a study conducted by Thomas Kern and Leslie Willcocks of 250 companies in U.S. and Europe that were outsourcing components of their business process, an overwhelming 85% of companies reported that the cost benefits were lessened due to a disconnect between the people and the vision of the outsourcing program. Integration of an outsourcing program will naturally spark some anxiety with your team, but there are ways to address their concerns proactively. Remember–they’re just afraid of what they don’t know:

    1) Explain the change / the goals / the vision – your staff needs to know your goals, and plans must be outlined in detail. However, don’t forget to let your staff see your vision– it will garner your team’s support for the big change.

    2) Empathize – acknowledge their concerns; change can even send your most positive staff into frustration. Be receptive to opinions, while being honest as to why you need to outsource and how the changes will take place; you might be surprised to discover they will have useful insights to assist in your transition. Let your staff be part of the change and in addressing the problems. Don’t take negative feedback personally. Instead, strategize to address the concerns and finally ask your staff’s support as you roll out your initiative.

    If layoffs are possible, be honest with your team; discuss the conditions that could make necessary restructuring possible. Being transparent could strengthen staff loyalty and motivation and ultimately keep the business more sustainable.

    3) Align your workforce –  Before you move forward, align the retained functions with your team’s personal career plans. Identify each employee’s skills, knowledge and strengths, and complement them with the business goals. Repositioning may be required to cover weak points and keeping the team aligned.

    4) Keep your staff motivated – Maintain worker engagement, motivation and productivity. Plot out organizational goals one step at a time and give due recognition to your people’s contributions. Let them know their work makes a difference. Celebrate accomplishments– when change creates positive results, tell your staff about the success.

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